"Coat improvement, gloss, less shedding. Energy level maintained and recovery time excellent after excessive work/play." - Customer Review


Cincinnati's Natrix One! 


One Supplement
Camelina seeds offer high amounts of natural Vitamin E, a perfectly balanced source of Omega 3/6/9, powerful polyphenols and essential fatty acids for ultimate nourishment that controls and prevents inflammation. Olive extract offers triterpenes with a plethora of biological benefits including suppression of inflammation and disease prevention.

One Solution
Joint protection, healthy skin, shiny coat, strong immune system, muscle recovery, neuro protective, all in one.

One Time Every Day


🏡 WHAT LOCAL BUSINESS YOU'RE SUPPORTING:  NatrixOne is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based corporation in the animal healthcare market segment, with a core focus on canine health. The Company was founded in 2017 by a team whose has spent the last 20 years developing camelina sativa, a unique oil-seed plant in the Brassica family. NatrixOne believes the current mode of animal healthcare requires a dramatic update and needs to evolve from a focus on treating symptoms with expensive pharma, toward a more holistic approach that addresses the underlying causality of disease and ailments. NatrixOne’s 100% plant-based dietary supplement offers a wide range of holistic and acute health benefits (from skin to joint), naturally. Simple to use, this highly palatable oil-based anti-inflammatory nutraceutical is added one time a day the top of the pet’s food.
Apply to one meal each day for maximum results with minimum effort.

Use the dosing chart to determine your iteration.

Cincinnati's Natrix One - Canine Supplement